Royal Arch Membership

To apply for membership of Royal Arch Chapter you must be a Master Mason with good standing in your Mother Lodge under a Constitution recognised by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

One strict requirement is the belief in a Supreme Being, this is not necessarily the Christian God, but a simple belief in a Higher Being or Deity.

You will also need two sponsors who are members of  the Royal Arch Chapter that you wish to join. Members of a Chapter are styled Companions. If you are interested in joining a Chapter you should speak to a Royal Arch Companion. There will almost certainly be Royal Arch Companions in your Lodge and it may be that a Royal Arch Chapter meets in your Lodge Rooms. If no Royal Arch Chapter meets in your Lodge Rooms there will be one in a neighbouring Lodge. Refer to the Chapters page on this site to see your nearest Chapters.

You are free to apply to any Chapter but make sure that the one you choose does not meet on one of your Lodge meeting nights.

The format for membership is the same as that of the Craft Lodge.Your application will be read in an open Chapter and in some cases you might be invited to an enquiry meeting, thereafter your request will be balloted and if successful you will be invited to attend by a letter or in person.

It is also worth keeping in mind that Companions of all Royal Arch degrees are required to maintain fully paid up Blue Lodge membership, even should your Mother Lodge become dormant you are expected to affiliate to another Lodge in order to maintain your qualificaion, the exception to this rule being life members.

Affiliation from Dormant Chapters requires clearances from Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter who may in some instances have to go to the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter.

Please note that you must complete the Royal Arch Degrees first before applying to join the Cryptic council or the Lodges & Council.

Request to Join or Affiliate